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On the afternoon of October 6, the Chinese men's football team led by Li Tie watched the movie "Win the Championship" collectively in Shanghai, feeling the struggle and learning the spirit of women's volleyball. However, this move was fiercely complained by netizens. It coincides with the 19th anniversary of the first qualifying for the National Football World Cup. Under such pressure from public opinion, the faces of national football players are obviously unstoppable.


Although the Chinese men's football team has no match task recently, the head coach Li Tie still arranged a short-term training camp. During the training camp, the players conducted training on the football field and invited referee experts to explain the competition rules and controversial cases.


On the afternoon of the 6th, a group of 50 people from the National Football Team went to the cinema to watch the movie "Win the Championship", which tells the struggle of several generations of Chinese women's volleyball team. During the watching process, many players were very moved and quietly cried. Player Yan Junling said: "I will work hard to learn the spirit of the women's volleyball team. It has a strong educational significance for every athlete, and it will have a strong role in promoting our participation in the national team."


However, the positive energy behavior of the national football team has been unwelcome by many netizens. One netizen said: "The scumbag can see how the academic tyrants do homework and the results can go up?" Some people complained: this should be the national football distance "to win the championship." "The most recent one. Have they not seen enough of others winning the championship?

但是,许多网民都不欢迎国家足球队的积极能量行为。一位网民说:“卑鄙的人可以看到暴君如何做功课,结果会提高吗?”有人抱怨:这应该是国家足球距离“夺冠”。 “最近的一个。他们没有看到足够多的其他人赢得冠军吗?

There is also a more critical statement: "Female models, flight attendants, hosts, luxury cars, and luxury houses are what they yearn for as football players."


Football is the world’s largest sport. The Chinese men’s football team has always been the most watched team in China’s sports world. However, when the status of Chinese sports is rising and various events have achieved breakthroughs and brilliance, the Chinese men’s football team has always been controversial. . The 80s and 90s of the last century can be regarded as the first-class team in Asia, but in the past ten years, the team has been hovering in the second-tier and third-tier. Youth teams at all levels can't even play the formerly big team Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

足球是世界上最大的运动。中国男足一直是亚博视频直播中国体育界最受关注的球队。但是,当中国体育运动的地位不断提高,各项赛事取得突破亚博视频直播和辉煌时,中国男足一直存在争议。 。上世纪80年代和90年代可被视为亚洲一流的团队,但是在过去的十年中,该团队一直徘徊在二线和三线。各个级别的青年队甚至都无法参加以前的大队泰国,越南和缅甸。

In sharp contrast to the poor strength is the treatment of football players. The annual salary and bonuses of millions or tens of millions of dollars, chartered flights, wear brand-name brands, and enjoy more levels than other items, this is also an important factor in the imbalance of netizens.


In competitive sports, performance is the most important. The performance of the national football team is poor, and the Chinese fans hate iron and steel, and the two sentences are understandable, but ordinary passers-by who don't pay much attention to the team will spit twice when they see it, and step on it again, which is too much. Whenever there is news about the national football, these people who have never cared about Chinese football will stand up and ridicule and fancy.


On the two most popular platforms at the moment-Douyin and Weibo, as long as they can be related to football, netizens will ridicule, make complaints, and even verbally abuse them.


For example, there was a piece of news some time ago, saying that a young man who likes to raise goldfish made the fish in his tank learn to play football through training. The comments below are all "Why does this make the national football situation so good?" and "Even fishes are better than the national football. ".


For another example, Meituan CEO Wang Xing triggered a war of words that "national football players can't beat Tsinghua University students", making many football players angrily counterattack.


Faced with this situation, many players have crossed the line with fans and passers-by online. SIPG’s Fu Huan once screamed "Keyboard Man", and international footballer Cao Yunding also questioned: Those who scold us, have you made no mistakes in your industry and have not done badly?

面对这种情况,许多玩家已经在线上与粉丝和路人过关。 SIPG的傅欢曾经大喊“键盘人”,国际足球运动员曹云鼎也质疑:那些骂我们的人,您在这个行业中没有犯错并且做得还不错吗?

Even Nie Weiping, a decades-long veteran of Go fans and famous Go player, now reluctantly says: Chinese football is now the trash can of the Chinese. Everyone is under a lot of pressure in life. The National Football team just makes everyone vent their depression.


Is this just fair to Chinese football?


If it is said that the spit on the national football team at the Spring Festival Gala that year was a kind joke, what is the difference between the above-mentioned netizens' indiscriminate shooting and spraying, and what good is it for Chinese football?


Chinese football has never lacked critics and insults. Blindly attacking will only discredit the already difficult development of Chinese football and make the environment worse. As a result, more and more teenagers and parents are afraid to enter this field and give up becoming professional players. Dreams eventually become a vicious circle.


The national football players who watched "Win the Championship" have just gone through a tight schedule. They gave up their rest time and rushed to train in Shanghai. Isn't it to improve their results and get better results in the world preliminaries?


Take another look at Wu Lei. He can make a lot of money in a comfortable environment in China, but he fought alone in Europe where the epidemic is severe. As a result, he contracted the new crown and was criticized as a "Spanish." There are also those football people working hard for the rematch, those journalists who provide first-hand information to the fans in the competition. Why should the positive energy they transmit be blamed by cyber mobs for no reason?


As we all know, cyber violence hurts a person no less than a face-to-face blow. Every day, we can see in the news that someone who is unbearable and suffering from depression is suffering from self-harm or suicide in search of relief.


Maybe you just squirt it casually on the Internet, but the butterfly effect will kill others' lives. The famous football commentator He Wei once said emotionally: Chinese football is still my holy grail even if it is the spittoon of many people.


But if one day, no one will regard Chinese football as the holy grail. Will these people who spit now feel a little bit of guilt?